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Friday, 22 April 2011

A Traditional day....

May be I am an old "Fuddy Duddy"  bought up in traditional ways with protocols and the right and wrong ways of doing things I believe they call it "Etiquette".
There are many practices that go on today which I find quite alien in a way ... not the way I was taught to do these things... Hark at me sounds like I came out of the ark.

One of these is wearing Black to a wedding this was always a no no ! , the fact that no one wears a suit or tie or even proper shoes to these occasions ... hey that is just me and my way and I sit and hope that these things come back in time ... but will they ?.

But yesterday I attended Margaret and Malcolm's funeral  .. what a delight to my   fuddy duddy eyes every single person attending was wearing black everything was done traditionally, we sang traditional hymns with prayers, I really felt as though they would have liked what they were seeing from their highway in the sky, they were traditional people, and this was very clear in the eulogies given by their family.

So yesterday has restored my faith and equilibrium in etiquette  ... that all is not lost with the world, and tradition still survives.

These things are no longer taught in our schools come on all you Grandparents it seems it is down to us to pass on the refinements of life
I was in the Warehouse awhile ago talking to  a young chap who came in with a "Chit" from WINs ( Work and Income Dept) to buy himself trousers, a shirt and tie ... as he possessed non of these to go to an interview for a job,  he did not even realise he would need to wear such clothes for an interview,  he must have been middle twenties not a teenager, and I felt society had failed him somewhere in his education ... am I the only one who feels like this these days I am sure I am not on my own here.

In my heart I feel there is a large opening here .....for someone to open a school of etiquette and protocol.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great idea Laurie

By Hoki Quilts said...

I to believe there is a place for something like that too however when teaching just 5 years ago I remember saying that the children in our care knew how to recite haka and karakia but had no idea of the Lords Prayer nor how to behave during sombre services. I got told I was being insensitive to the culture of the land.
A lose lose situation.
keep on fighting the good fight Laurie, I moved and gave up.

Ann said...

You are not alone in this Laurie, I feel quite sad that no one dresses appropriately any more, my DH loves to wear a suit but our DS always makes fun of him.