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Monday, 2 May 2011

Have you used these threads?

I have a couple of embroidery patterns that I have purchased over the years that I would like to get going on  ... but they require silk threads, the colours are hard to come by here in NZ  also overseas .... no shop keeps the full range
and also they are extortionately priced when I order from overseas.... due to the currency conversion. Some lovely ladies in USA helped me track some of the colours but one of the brands were never tracked down.
I have since managed to collect a few ...  a lovely friend in Australia sent me some for my Birthday, you can not imagine the excitement coming from me when I opened that parcel. But still not the all colours available .... some had to be exchganged for others that were close in shade.

One pattern is not anything to special it is a "Hussif" ( for holding your sewing items) so it will be used on a daily basis.... the pattern and fabric has already cost in the range of $140 ... if I use the threads that come in a package to go with the pattern this will only give me enough thread to do the project .... the threads do not even come in full skeins.... the item will then be costing over  $240.
I would love to work this hussif in these lovely threads but I have to be sensible about this.

Someone has suggested that I try Eterna Silks from China....
So my question is   " Has anyone used or tried these threads ?"

 Eterna Silk is manufactured, and distributed by Yodamo, Inc. worldwide.
 I have read all about them on the net but first hand information would be appreciated, it seems the price is good and you can obtain them quite easy in many countries in the world, you can even buy a complete set at a very reasonable price .... BUT not NZ.



Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie i get my silk from a sewing shop in creswick that actually make it or dye it and the thread is called Cascade House and is stranded silk and she has a great range and the best thing is it is only $2.20 for 7.5 mts (8.4yds)
There website is
Hope that is of some help Laurie

Leigh said...

Rajmahal make silk emb threads. I have some but haven't tried stitching with them yet. They are Australian so the exchange rate might be more favourable.
Mary Corbett of Needle 'N' Thread has some comments on the eterna silks on

Isabella said...

Sorry Laurie I'm of no help here