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Sunday, 29 May 2011

3rd Item hits the dust

I am sure it is the same in your house ..if one piece of equipment  goes wrong or dies you can bet your life a couple more will.... BINGO!!

Yes ..  a few weeks back the freezer packed up ... so had to be replaced,  no problem not a to expensive piece of house-ware.
This last week a new Mobile Phone see last blog post item...

So on Friday when I tried to use my camera to take some embroidery pictures things did not go well.

The batteries have been losing power very quickly ...thus I have 3 batteries... one on charge and one fully charged and one in the camera ... when going out with the camera you always had to take an extra battery in the carrying case.  I tried again Saturday to use the camera and this time the pictures were not good in the colour or quality when I down loaded them to the computer.

So I had to succumb to a new camera ...luckily I had a few points on a reward card and used those towards it .... ( 10 out of 10 for good economics) so here is toy number 2 for this week .... that has got to be the end of spending for a while ....... so please join in  ..... hands together eyes closed say after me ... Please let it stop here.
Just like the mobile phone the choice of colour was  Black, black or black ... so guess what I chose yes!! go to the top of the class ......Black.
                                                                                      A  Panasonic Lumix 


Ann said...

I'm really pleased with my Lumix, I love that the battery stays charged for ages.

Isabella said...

so now we get lots of pics ? YES LOL