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Saturday, 28 May 2011

New Toy

Yesterday I  bought a new mobile phone you know the kind all bells and whistles now I need 24 hrs to transfer every thing to it, It is so light not like the battery operated brick I have been carrying around for the last few years.  

 It was brought about because my daughter and her husband borrowed my car for 6 weeks and when they returned it they  said " Why did I not use the  blue-tooth it has fitted".... whee!! said I ( I did not know it had this before only had the car 2 years)
so son in law tried to set up my phone to it and my phone did not have the right workings ( notice the technical details )
So they said it was time for a new one  ( phone that is not car) ... especially as we now have a law here about using phones in cars when driving.
so now I have to wait for their next visit so he can set it up for me....

Independent I might be but setting up phone and car to work together I think eludes me.


Cheryll said...

Just think... you'll be able to find new fabric shops with all this new technology that phones have now! I say go for it! :)

Isabella said...

I know that feeling trying to pair your phone to the car, believe it or not it's dead easy and thats coming from me who cant fix my own blog page :)