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Monday, 15 August 2011

Quitting School .... no not me ..... my grandson

The following is a copy of my daughters blog today...... I thought it was so funny and cute ...but read on ......

Kathryn writes .....

Yes that does say quit not quilt, and no I am not quitting quilting.

Alex however decided the other day that he was quitting school!

I, wanting him to accept the consequences for his own actions, agreed with him ...... however I did have specifications to go with it....

He had to inform his teachers.

He was a little taken back by this and asked me to explain. I simply told him that I was happy for him (my 6yr old) to quit school but that he had to go to school and tell his 2 teachers why he was quitting and then he also had to go to the Principle and tell him as well.
I then said that I was happy for him to leave school.
He thought this over for a few minutes and then happily annouced to me that he had changed his mind and would continue to attend school.


Don't you just love the things kids say


Ann said...

I admire the way your daughter handled this Laurie, she's much wiser than I would have been.

Anonymous said...

yes i agree Laurie your daughter handled this situation very well