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Monday, 15 August 2011

A once in 50 years ......

This morning I saw an amazing sight ... snow in Rotorua, this is the Museum ( where I am a guide) this is the first time in the 11 yrs I have been living here that I have seen snow fall in Rotorua ...  yet alone lay.
This snow has come about because of a low from across the Tasman Sea ... so thanks a bunch Australia just because you did not want it ... you let it pass on to us ...just kidding.
Of course I have lived in snow areas in USA and France where the snow could be a meter deep  on regular basis and more sometimes especially in Minnesota .. then the wind / air chill factor came into play.
The only good thing to say about snow ... while living in USA was Christmas ... everyone in Ohio went over board with the outside decorations and we used to go cruising around all the streets to see them ...  a memory that will stay with me for ever.

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Ann said...

it was on our news about your snow, hope you are enjoying it or has it gone already?