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Sunday, 7 August 2011

The wet stuff .... and good news

1pm Sunday afternoon the wet stuff is falling from the heavens so I am not feeling guilty about fiddling with this machine, but I do mourn the old one it was a good friend and travelled around the world a few times with me ... keeping me in touch with everyone.... not many pictures on this one yet  but do have this one of my dearly departed  old friend before it was sent by courier to Wellington for it's post mortem... looking at it one could be forgiven thinking it looks quite healthy

Friday I received  a phone call from the company who do the "post mortem" and they told me what was wrong with the computer and what the coffee did to it ... it is amazing what damage was done by 150 mls of coffee ..... they said the hard drive was intact and the information could be retrieved if needed and they would return it to me by courier at no cost to me ....Whee! State will be picking  up the bill
So yesterday I received my hard drive back from Wellington ... it is amazing how small it is and that a lot of my life is stored on it ...... oh! what a blessing I don't have to re-enter everything from goodness knows where in my brain, my son has a friend who will copy everything from it and put it on a memory stick or two and I can then upload it ..... 
 But I will tell you one thing I will no longer store things on the computer everything from now on will be on a memory stick  even if I have to have a dozen of them, when I think of all those patterns quilting and embroidery that were stored on there I shudder ... some were so special as they had been sent to me from all over the world.... also pictures of my work done over the last few years, although I could live with out all this stuff it will be great to have it back .. there was also hours and hours of work done designing newsletters and other documents, I know I could reproduce them but this will save me days of work being done over again.

So there is a lesson here not only for me but for everyone with precious stuff on their computer.


By Hoki Quilts said...

Wow, that was a lucky break. Just something to think about... when teaching I used to store everything on a memorystick - one year I lost everything (bugger), then a friend told me to store on sticks AND disks so that there is always a back up to the back up. Have fun learning all about your new 'toy'.
hugs Miche'le

Marion said...

I agree with By Hoki Quilts. Memory sticks don't always last very long. It's a good idea to back up to a DVD or external hard drive. (or both). Good luck with your new computer and getting used to Windows 7!
Love your blog, just recently found it.

Anonymous said...

glad you are back in business Laurie

Ali Honey said...

Hi Laurie,
I am very careful with my coffee by the computer - but I can't imagine sitting here without it. A good way to look at this is your old faithful may have died of natural causes quite soon anyway!
remember that any photos etc on your blog can be retrieved by you back to your new computer by right clicking on them. A blog is a good place to store photos.
It is taking me ages to get back to normal...did some blog reading today and hope to catch up with all I've missed . Seems very cold since we got back.

boysmum2 said...

an external hard drive is the way to go. Much bigger than a stick and less likely to get lost. About $160 from the Warehouse for a terrabit that is about 4-5 times large memory than your computer.
Best to just copy everything over to it every so often.

Bee Jay said...

Laurie, I have to agree with 'boysmum2' re the external drive. I have used one for a few years now and hardly ever save anything to my hard drive. From the first one I purchase which was nearly $300, to the last which pretty much sits in the palm of my hand at about $80, I wouldn't be without them. Real bonus. Blessings!