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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Second day catch up

Here I am second day of new computer getting to grips faster than I imagined I could or would.....
 So here is a preview of some of the things I have been doing over the last few weeks ...

When you need to take something to do with you or very little time, a pin keep or a scissor keep passes the time ... made these two last week. I always feel it is good to keep something small by,  you just never know when you need that small gift in a hurry.

I attended a Mary Transome Agapanthus wall hanging class....which I thoroughly enjoyed.
The top is just about complete and not a hand stitch in it ... I also changed the colour from Blue or purple to a nice pink flower one of which I have in the garden ... I have promised myself I will finish it in the next 2 weeks... you know how it is ..... just have to set goals.

 Also my Kina is finished .. due to the shine of the threads it did not photograph to well, I will try and take another of it,  for all the hundreds of beads are not showing up ... so it will be experiment time with the camera.


A dried flower needle case one of those ones that has been hanging around for ages ... A Mum's Moments pattern, I had it as a gift from a friend and has been on the "To do" list for ever.

The cutest little owls you ever saw each one takes no more that about 45 Min's to complete, this one fits in the palm of your hand  ... the pattern has 5 owls on it from small to doorstop size. The name of the pattern escapes me at present. I actually have done 3 but they would not all fit on the bench.
So I have fitted in lots of little bits in the last few weeks, I love the little things in fact almost becoming the " little bits and pieces queen"


Fiona said...

Lots of lovely work there Laurie... maybe the answer is to get off the computer and into my sewing????

sunny said...

Love all your little bits and pieces. It's amazing how much we can actually get finished when we're not on the computer. Glad you're getting it all figured out.

Anonymous said...

Laurie you have been very busy,your projects are all lovely,well done