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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Reflections on life

Gee that title sounds rather serious ... what I really meant was I have time on my hands with the ribs thing, I have spent time strolling through blogs ...blogs that I can not ever remember seeing before and who I will probably never visit again.

One of these was a chatty blog almost about nothing in general, but there was a picture on it that brought back memories ..... flooding back in fact ... so I borrowed it and  here it is ....
Well....almost 38 yrs ago when darling son was about to be  born, I had a 21 month old daughter already and she had a small carrycot pram almost a carry cot on wheels ideal for the car etc.  But two kids would not be possible with it for when she got tired there would be no place for her to sit ...  remember the days when we walked to do the shopping not popped into the car... in fact popping into the car was not possible as we only had the one and husband needed to travel to work in it.

Well I digress.... back to the story ... so I saw an advert for
 "a Silver Cross Pram Navy Blue perfect condition with extras only 50 pounds for quick sale"
 a bargain I should say so as they were about 200 pounds to buy new ...this pram was every new mothers dream back in the 60's 70's period.
 So I went off and looked at it and was amazed as the pram was perfect and the extras consisted of a complete baby layette (baby clothes)  and bedding, you name it it was there,  baby woollies all brand new and never been worn, plus a pram seat for the end of the pram for a second child to sit on ... as you can imagine I snapped it up.

I felt like the bees knees when I was out walking with that pram ... I looked after it like a chap looks after a brand new car, always wiped it when it got wet etc and cleaned the chrome wheels regularly. When I no longer required it anymore it was in as good condition as when I obtained it and I sold it on for 75 pounds ( due to inflation around that time)  plus all the extras but this time they had been used,
The young mother to be who bought the pram had that " how wonderful"   look on her face when she wheeled it down my drive to take it home.

But one thing will always stick in my mind "why was there so many brand new clothes in it when I bought it"
I never had the courage to ask at the time and it was most likely a very private thing as the pram was sold by a lady who was may be the grandmother ... I have a feeling there was a very sad story in there somewhere... but I will never know, amazing how some memories linger in the back of your mind until you see a picture or you smell a smell  of something that reminds you of the past and they all flood back.


Fiona said...

Maybe its good that you have this quiet time to think abouit things... you know my son and daughter in law are using a pram like that... they are so excited at having one.... been in the family for ages apparently....
I bet it has some stories to tell

Anonymous said...

very interesting story Laurie and boy it is a beautiful pram

sunny said...

what nice memories. I'd wonder too, about the new baby clothes, but hopefully they got some loving use at your house.