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Thursday, 25 August 2011

The sun is shining and I feel ....

Yes !!  the sun is shining and I feel so much better I can move quite comfortably now and put my arm out in most directions except backwards.... have managed to drop some of the painkillers as well. But no bending down yet ...ouch!
There are some freesia out now in the garden ....  will leave it a few days before I try to take a picture then there will be enough to photograph. So spring is almost here, hopefully the frost are at an end, they have seen off my Orchids this year all burnt black by the frosts, such a shame as I have covered them every night Oh! well next year they will be okay fingers crossed.

I also had a go at driving today no problem  ( God bless power steering ) I also had good practise at using only my mirrors as turning in the seat was a difficult maneuver to make ..... my car seat was very comfortable as it has lots of positions ..... including a lumber thing that supports you (hope you like the technical details ..things !)
 I actually drove to the "Polynesian Hot Pools" and had a soak ...Bliss! and then stood under a very powerful shower that was piping hot .. Oh! gives me that lovely all over feeling just remembering it.

Yesterday I had the day at home (obviously no driving then)  I decided to do a little bit of quilting on the machine ... silly move to make ... obviously not 100% mentally with it yet and made a complete hash of it .... so this evening is unpicking or reverse stitching. Although on the picture it does not look to bad ... believe me it is.

I have also managed to finish this needle case I was doing ... I like it very much .... but it will be winging it's way to a swap next week ...        I think.


By Hoki Quilts said...

You do sound so much better - ahhh those pools are great. I remember many times going there, as you say - bliss! Sadly we had to drive back to Kawerau so had to shake off the dozy feeling in a hurry.
Just a reminder - have you popped onto TTE blog, Amanda is calling for 'sign ups'?
take care - Miche'le

Anonymous said...

glad you are feeling better Laurie and lucky swap partner as your needlecase is gorgeous

Ali Honey said...

So glad to read that you are feeling a bit better. Hopefully every day now you will improve.
My freesia must be ahead of yours - have had them out for a couple of weeks. The smell is as good as always -hope you can geta whiff of yours soon. Shame about the orchids.
Please keep improving and be sensible- take no risks!

Ann said...

Glad you are feeling better.

The pram story is wonderful, I even remember sitting at one end of a pram like that when my brother was a baby, mum took him out and the pram tipped over because I was a fat little girl!

sunny said...

Glad to hear you're slowly getting back to normal. Don't push it too fast and reinjure yourself! Whoever gets that pretty needlecase will be very lucky.

Fiona said...

good to hear you are so much better... lovely pretty

Bee Jay said...

Good to hear you're on the road to recovery Laurie. That's good news indeed! I'd sure love a dunk in Rotorua's hot pools right at the moment - feel a tad stiff - a hot shower will have to suffice for now! Blessings!