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Monday, 5 September 2011

Things are bright and beautiful

Every thing is looking bright and beautiful on my doorstep in the sunshine  daffodils and polyanthus in baskets
I am feeling good my ribs are healing well, movement is still a bit restricted, but most things are possible as long as I do not bend down forward... driving is good as you are restricted on movement once strapped in the car.
I have not been swimming as such ...just dipping in the lovely hot water...oh makes me feel like a trip right now.

Yesterday ( Sunday ) was grandson Ben's 8th Birthday Party today the 5th is his birthday  ... the old adage how time flies is on my tongue of course. 
 I guess it is the sign of the times that he had so many cards containing money ... children have so much in the way of toys and things it is difficult to buy for them also because times have changed so much on what 8 yr olds do and want now. 
When I think back to his Mother and Uncle what they were doing at 8yrs old ... those things have nothing in common with today's kids .. technology has changed everything in the world , when I think of the changes that I have seen in my life time it must have been really confusing for my Grandparents for they saw twice the amount of change in their lifetime.

Wednesday last I went to Tauranga with my friend Prue  to see the Tauranga Embroiderers Guild Exhibition, oh my what some wonderful work, some of it is going on the to do list for our guild ... and somethings I will just dream about and admire from a far... mainly because I do not have enough years left in my life time to do all the wonderful things I want to make.
These "Humbugs done in canvas work were so lovely , also this white work done with cord was amazing ( this is one on the list)

Also these Red Christmas decorations  just polystyrene cones covered in  red fabric with gold thread embroidery on them...I was thinking so easy so simple and so effective. I have also seen these done in black with silver thread decoration also very effective.

There are a couple of blogger friends  who have had hospital procedures carried out in the last week and also a couple of my friends here in Rotorua so I send my hugs to enfold you all and hope you will all be up and about and partaking of  a lightly boiled egg soon.


Anonymous said...

happy 8th birthday Ben for today and it is also my birthday today as well.I am glad Laurie that you are on the mend.
I love seeing embroidery guild exhibitions as they are so spectacular and i look in awe of everything.

Bee Jay said...

You talking about the hot water to bathe in made me want to go dunk as well - alas, nothing like that near to where I live but it's nice to remember. When we lived in Rotorua I loved the heat of the water and the smell of the sulphur! Blessings!