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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Long time no see ... or blog

It seems to be ages since I did any blogging, but I have done lots of things so will show some pictures...
I have started a class at Embroidery Guild  " Corn Pad embroidery " by Sue Thompson... so here are  some pictures .... A Corn pad is exactly what you use to make the raised embroidery ... the ladies of Guild  are walking to all the pharmacies to find corn pads ...I bet the pharmacist's are thinking that everyone in Rotorua  has foot problems.

It is stitched with a cotton  thread about as thick as crochet cotton, and it is very forgiving so if you make a mistake you just add another french knot to cover it up.... mostly it is used to make cushion covers or bags but some pictures and other items have been produced. At present I am making a cushion cover but will try a bag at a later date.

I also spent the day at Hamilton Craft and Quilting show.... where there were the most amazing quilts ... some from Australia and some from New Zealnd....
a few pictures .... to follow... sorry have lost the paper on which I wrote who did what and how and why !! so just some eye candy for you.
I did not buy a great deal did not really see anything I could not live without ... a few fat quarters of fabric that appealed to me , some needles and a couple of pieces of linen in colours that we do not see here ( from Australia)

This quilt was amazing it was all appliqued and over stitched by machine hundreds of pieces of fabric to make all the shading ...unbelievable... if you look closely in the back ground you will see buildings done in the quilting ...  this was just stitching on the back ground ... Wow there are some extremely clever people in this world.


Anonymous said...

Laurie they are wonderful

sunny said...

Awesome quilts! But I'm actually planning to make one like your blog borders! I was in a red and white swap, and this is what I've been envisioning.

Isabella said...

Well Laurie I have never seen corn pads used in sewing but that sure does look interesting you must keep me up to speed on that one for sure.
what colour linen cant you get my friend if I can get it I sure will.