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Monday, 3 October 2011

A request .. There must be one

Good morning from a wet and very windy Rotorua ...

I have a request I need a pattern for a machine cover.

I know you are all going to say that's easy no problem ...  there are hundreds of them on the market or even,     Hey! come on design your own.

Well ! my dilemma is I have a Brother QC 2000 sewing and quilting machine  ( as above) and it has the extended table ... it is far larger than all the patterns I have ever seen and I would just like to put out a feeler to see if there is one that is in existence before I have to get down to the drawing board myself... getting lazy in my old age..Ha Ha!    Now the machine cover is no problem  ... that only comes when I try to design the extension for the table part on how to support it. So if someone out there has or knows of someone else who has over come this dilemma I would love to hear from them.

I really can not believe that such a expensive machine comes with a silly flimsy plastic cover and it does not even cover the table as well..... which by the way is in situ all the time. My machine has now been waiting almost 2 yrs with no cover except a piece of fabric draped over it when I remember to put it on .. but if I had a really NICE machine cover which I am willing to make ..... I know I would use it..... I have even aked Brother if they have a cover or design and they said they are not in the market for covers just manufacturing the machines ... sorry.


Anonymous said...

sorry Laurie i dont know anyone or of any covers,good luck with your request

sunny said...

Sorry I don't have any advice. But I do need to make a cover for my machine. I hope someone is able to help you!