Grandma and her boys

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Santa Sack Swap

I can not believe that I am bang up to date with my swaps....

This Santa sack and pressies are off on their way to my swap partner in Australia
 ( I did say I was going to post last weekend but my life got in the way)
They are going to arrive very early ... we were suppose to send 2 parcels a month but my partners  family life was interrupted and she had to take a long trip overseas ..... so I have not sent for the first  few months as I was supposed to have done.

Now my making and purchasing is complete so they can all  wing their way to their new home to be stored in time for Christmas  .... I just hope Cheryl remembers where she puts it "oh so safely" when December arrives.

NO PEEKING .. just a little feeling and shaking is permitted  Cheryl.


Anonymous said...

oh Laurie Cheryll is going to love this parcel arriving,lol very hard not to shake and prod,be strong Chez

Cheryll said...

OOOHHHH... I'm excited!
I'll be out checking the mailman everyday... he'll think I'm stalking HiM! lol
Thanks Laurie... :)