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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Okay enough is enough

Rain and gale force winds are lashing much of the country, as New Zealand's miserable summer continues. 
MetService has issued heavy rain warnings for eastern Bay of Plenty ( this is where I live),  and severe gale warning for parts of the lower North Island.    I definitely did not need to know this at all ...  I only have to open the door to see it for myself.. ugh !!

Photo from NZ Daily Herald I think it is so neat and just sums up the weather.

I believe enough is enough, we are floating here in Rotorua ... my large lawn has at least 4 inches of water on it and it is beginning to stay, normally it drains after a few hours but not now the water is laying  and has been for a few days now.  They have now told us not to hold our breath for a summer this year ....

View of Mt Ngongotaha  from Lounge window.
All that water up there  is going to land on us in a few minutes.

I bet the neighbours though I had lost the plot this morning ....  I took the hose and cleaned the outside of the house ... I thought well!  I will get wet any how and  it was falling from the  heavens "cats and dogs"  and everything was wet / damp and loose .....  so easy to hose off, so all the spider webs have gone,   all I need to do now is spray the outside to keep the little beggers away for 4 months. But of course can not do that in the rain, bet the beggers  will all climb up again before it is dry enough to spray.
By the way I got soaked but after a lovely warm shower I was warm and cosy and  I felt great to have not let  the elements get the better of me.


By Hoki Quilts said...

I envy you Laurie - 10mls of rain here in over a month and it's been soooo hot too.

Anonymous said...

gee Laurie the view from your lounge window is spectacular.

sunny said...

That really is a nice photo. And I love your attitude. I won't say 'stay dry', rather 'stay cozy'!

Isabella said...

Oh Laurie whats going to happen to your hols with all those met warnings, make sure you stay safe . as for the cat "well thats cats for you" he thinks he owns you not the other way around LOL