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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lovely Day and update.....

Red rose is the emblem of Inner Wheel

Yesterday was International Inner Wheel Day  ... for the uninitiated Inner Wheel is the original ladies section of Rotary, Rotarian's at one point in history could only be men and the wives and daughters of these men formed the Inner Wheel.  The Logo will show you that all wheels have spokes ( the inner wheel) and the ladies are the spokes that keep the wheel from collapsing  ( my theory)
My club here in Rotorua were invited by Opotiki  Club to attend a celebration of the day at the home of  the incoming International Inner Wheel Vice Chairman  Carole Young.
Just two of us were able to go, so we took a lovely leisurely drive via Whakatane and Ohope stopping for lunch at the Berry Farm ...ummmmm delicious. and doing a little retail therapy  in Whakatane .. then on to spend a lovely couple of hours at Carole and Ken's fruit farm.
One of the high lights were the wild turkey's  a photo here but not to clear as taken from inside the house did try to get one outside but as soon as you approached they moved away.
They have to cull them every now and then,  this was a first for me to see them in the wild ... it was also great to see them with their tails fanned.

UPDATE on stitching still on the laborious one strand over one thread very tedious so I do not do to much at a time but it is growing, 2 pictures could not decide which one to use so you get a double bonus view .....

Sorry no sign off for some reason ... I can not explain why it keeps disappearing on me. Will most likely appear again on the next post ??

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lovely post Laurie and just love your stitchery.xx