Grandma and her boys

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Retail therapy

On yesterdays outing we had a fair bit of retail therapy ... a lot of it was just looking .
The couch in the family room is a  red salmon colour and I have had difficulty picking the right colour for the cushions   ( only had the couch 12 yrs ) I put my  red work girls quilt  on the back of it a bit ago,  I had never thought of trying red on it  so decided may be try red cushions but then as you all know there are at least 50 different reds ... but "Voila" yesterday there was the right colour red cushions in Whakatane .. so had to buy them.

I think another natural coloured "Corn Pad" embroidered one is called for as well ... oh well !!  another to do to add to the list ...  a thought !!  may be a good  project  to take to South Island with me
Another thought may be need to change the curtains ... time to turn off the thoughts this is getting expensive these  cushions and who has ever heard of changing the curtains to match the cushions......


Anonymous said...

lol,funny post Laurie,your couch looks very comfortable with those cushions.xx

Cheryll said...

You did very well Laurie... they match perfectly! :)

Isabella said...

Gosh that post did make me laugh out loud even hubby looked round ,looks good to me like the stitcheries on the back too