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Monday, 13 February 2012

2nd post of Tour

I just can not believe that I have been out on the road and sea for a week now, the time has shot by all to quickly... so far no problems to report at all.

I was greeted in Nelson by the most beautiful weather, I managed to find Donna with out to much trouble well !! after I called her and she directed me. I parked up on the drive of her house for 2 nights ... there was lots to talk about, she took me for a tour the next day along to Mapua a lovely little inlet further along the coast. I toured around nelson on foot and saw the cathedral and the museum I left Donna's on Saturday but not until I had attended an Extensions Group ( Embroidery Guild)  with her for an hour where I took part in the project for the day.... another post at later date...                        I then carried on around the coast  to Motueka looking at all the lovely bays  and beaches with Golden sands.

Donna's House.

I then continued down the West Coast ... what some amazing scenery so rugged  yet beautiful.

After a stop over night in West Port .... I continued on Sunday to Hokitika I saw the Pancke Rocks and the Blowholes but it was so calm not a lot of blowing going on ...shame.
I arrived at Miche'le and Jon's around 6.30pm ... Finally Jon took himself of to bed as Miche'le and I nattered into the night I think it may have been midnight when we went to bed ... a lovely real bed .... although I sleep very well in the campervan as well.  So up this morning a bit more nattering and a look around  Miche'le's shop By Hoki Quilts check her blog out here

Not the best of pictures as not a close up but you get the idea... a real country Quilt Shop 6 km outside of the main town.

Then it was all go to go across Arthurs Pass to Christchurch  what some amazing  views .... that is for another time .. I am safely in Christchurch, and have seen the first black clouds and some wind hopefully the weathermen have gotten the forecast all wrong fingers crossed..  I have also seen some of the terrible devastation from the earth quake here at the campsite there is piles of mud and big potholes all over the place and a few buildings not being used ..... but I am given to understand nothing like the centre of the city.


sunny said...

What a wonderful adventure so far! I'm on vacation and haven't been near a computer for several days, so I'm just now catching up. I hop eyour travels continue to be filled with friends and fun.

By Hoki Quilts said...

So pleased you made it over the pass with no problems - our little trip over the hill (The Southern Alps) is just glorious and changes everytime we go over.
It was a pleasure having you here Laurie and finally putting a face to the blog.
Safe travels xx

Cheryll said...

Sounds like a great trip so far.. especilly meeting friends and having no troubles.! Good luck for the rest of your drive :)

Narelle said...

I'm enjoying reading along as you trip around ... safe travel and fair weather :)

Ali Honey said...

Are you keeping a record of your mileage?
It sounds like you are doing well and meetinglovely bloggers.
I came from Marton, was born there went to school there, so it was my home area for 17.5 years before going teaching. We lived on a farm 8 miles north of Marton at Tutaenui...I think that may be where you were.