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Thursday, 9 February 2012

1st post on Tour

The drive down south was uneventful  driving past Lake Taupo

 it was beautiful the sun was shinning and all was well with my world.

I found Jean and Hugh in Marton with no problems's of their wonderful house and it's setting  later as I seem to have lost them.... Thanks a million for the stop over Jean I really enjoyed it... especially the dinner all those fresh veggies grown by Hugh.

Next morning was on my way to Wellington... got to the ferry early so they were able to get me across on the 1pm ferry instead of 2 am one.....

The crossing was like a mill pond just a rather gusty breeze on deck

So had a great stay in Picton at a lovely Top 10 campsite would really recommend it.

The Drive to Nelson was over mountains mainly though forests but some farmlands on the way you pass through Havelock the Green Mussel capital of the world, such a quaint place and quite is the local mussel  place ... did not have any as it was not the right time of day really for mussels.

Will talk again soon.


Anonymous said...

what lovely pics Laurie.xx

Nancy J said...

Wow!! Laurie you are right onto it all, with a post from the S.I.How did you take photos here without me seeing you with a camera?Wonderful they put you onto the 1 p.m. crossing, and so good it was so calm. Enjoy it all. Cheers, from Jean ( and Hugh)

Fiona said...

all looks fantastic Laurie... enjoy

Cheryll said...

I remember Lake Taupo being beautiful. Looks like a great start to your adventure! :)

Alison said...

Looks lovely..glad you're enjoying yourself!
Alison xx

Bee Jay said...

Sounds like you're having great travels Laurie. Hope the weather says fine for you. Have a cousin lives in Havelock - didn't realise it was green mussel country - she's never mentioned that. Keep well - blessings!

boysmum2 said...

Can see why you would be glad of taking the earlier ferry too!! Glad it was still, my type of crossing.