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Monday, 9 April 2012

Flowers for Easter

Three left over Caroline roses  placed on the kitchen counter

I have always loved arranging flowers I did do course in UK many many years ago and also joined the Church Flower Association   .... I used to enjoy flower festivals, I remember the one we did in our village Keyworth Nottinghamshire,  5 churches took part, each church decorated the whole place with flowers ( I  do have photos but before digital camers  ... I will have to scan some).

This weekend my church were looking for volunteers to help with decorating for Easter ... so I went along and helped, I really enjoyed it  ... we only used flowers collected from our gardens.

My arrangement for the alter shelf

 I hope you all had a peaceful and happy Easter


Anonymous said...

you are a lady of many talents Laurie,they look stunning,well done.xx

Fiona said...

lovely flowers and a great skill you have.....