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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Hamilton Quilt and craft show

A car load of  us girls went across ....  we had a great day .... BUT there was not one stall doing embroidery fabric etc.  Helen Dafter was there from Australia but she only really had patterns and kits.  So was a bit of a disappointment in a way to us embroiderers....
There was definitely more stalls this year and many of them were from NZ which was lovely to see, lots of new ideas and stuff and gadgets, amazing fabric and I did not even buy a fat quarter ...I am so proud of me.

So here is a  small show of the quilts... I am sorry for anyone who went to Melbourne Show for these were all there.

Best of Show

An amazing variation on a Log Cabin Block .... was beautiful  my favourite


Michell said...

Wish I could have gone this year, but alas everything worked against me as I am rostered on at work and if I was not I has a neices 21st to go to. Maybe next time though

Nancy J said...

Thanks for sharing Laurie, stunning, such talent behind all the stitching and layouts in those quilts.Pity about your threads but surely a great exhibition for everyone. Cheers, Jean.

Anonymous said...

thankyou for sharing Laurie.xx

Ali Honey said...

Thanks Laurie. I am now not going to be getting to see the Show after all.... never mind.
Our own show is is 2 weeks time and I hope to go to Calico Christmas in Nov, so I won't miss out entirely.

boysmum2 said...

Like the last picture, very cool