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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Oh Oh!! not good.....

Ring of Fire
NZ is on the end of large purple patch, bottom of  picture
just south east of Australia with the 2 large rings over it.

Oh!!oh!!  we had a rather large Earth Quake yesterday 5.5. ... it was freaky !! to say the least .

I have experienced quite a few since living in NZ but this one did the trick, gave me quite the jitters inside.... the building we were in did a double flip flop and continued to shudder for a good 2 or 3 minutes .... I was at Embroidery Guild with quite a few other ladies ... the look of shock on our faces must have been one of horror and disbelief.

The main  movement took place just far to close for comfort ... 10 kms north of Taupo  at a depth of 108 kms ... the scary bit is Taupo is just 1 hour south of Rotorua. But I guess we  except most of them ... living on the Ring of Fire with 2 fault lines through the centre of our Islands what more can one expect.

Arriving home later there were a few signs of movement pictures askew, and the cat seemed a bit skittish and would not settle ... I wonder if they are affected by them and do they sense danger like dogs do ?

All is quiet today except for the thundering rain and wind.... but the new plants are happily settling in and look perky.


sunny said...

How scarey!! I'm glad you didn't have any damage, and I hope there aren't more to follow.

Ali Honey said...

Yes, I felt it too! We have lights that swing and the pheasants always call out. It's the first one we have had for a while.
I have always lived in NZ and so have always felt them. The Edgecumbe one was the most violent I have felt.

Anonymous said...

stay safe Laurie.xx