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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Things are getting on well !!

I found this on a facebook page ... loved it .

So my leg and ankle ...
All is going well and I am now allowed to walk unaided with out sticks or crutches and for a small while each day to walk with no boot on, progressing to longer periods each day as the next 2 weeks go by .. The hairline fracture will heal on it's own fairly quickly ...  the ankle will take a bit longer but the main thing is to keep it moving so it  does not wither  around the muscles and get weak .... still have to keep leg elevated  when sitting where possible to get rid of swelling ..... they reckon 2 weeks and boot should be a thing of the past ... as long as I am careful...... Wheeeee!!!!!
Hospital suggested good strong shoes are going to be the order of the day for awhile ... good  trainers were the best  ...that's good as I have some !!
Thank you everyone for the good wishes and emails and cards etc.


boysmum2 said...

You need to check you trainers are solid. Hold them upside down in both hands and twist. If the sole twists with you they are too soft and will not support you. The physio, which you should be getting sorted very soon, if not already, may give you a wedge to wear in your trainer to assist with support. Get to love your trainers as they will be your only shoe for a little while and believe me, whilst you get sick of wearing them, they are a god send as they make everything feel good and supported x x x

Angie Burrett said...

Love the page you found - we all need a copy of that one!
Take good care now, sounds as if you are progressing well and a small walk daily will help and make you feel better. Lots of get well and stronger quickly wishes x