Grandma and her boys

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Grandma has broken her leg ....

Good morning from here, the sun is trying to shine and I am trying to smile ... I am achieving it okay
But on Thursday it was a slightly different matter, I had a lovely morning tea with a group of ladies from Inner Wheel then went off to tutor the Arthritis Hot Water exercise class..... all was going "swimmingly " no pun intended ....  when I slipped down the last 2 steps  of a short flight of steps ... amazingly in slow motion.  I landed at the bottom with my left leg  a bit crumpled under me ... yes it was an OUCH !! moment.

Upshot of it all .....    a bit of a mangled ankle and a hairline fracture of the lower leg just above the ankle ... luckily was not the ankle it's self.
 So after a hospital visit I returned home with a  cast on ... but had to return  next day when I had to see a Consultant and a new cast to be put on when hopefully some of the swelling would have subsided.
Saw a nice Orthopod man and he said " Not a bad fracture  one of those ones they can not see on xrays very well"  ...Phew !! relief flooded over me ... so a cast for 7 days then more xrays was the order of the day.
So off to the Plaster room.      The Plaster Man  "Mike"  said he thought a full cast on my leg was just a bit over the top in his mind  .... so he went off to talk to the Consultant again ... Whee !!  he convinced him a Moon Boot with the metal sides would work just as well.
 First time I had ever met Mike but love him to bits already........  But then I guess he is an expert on casts and boots etc. Probably more than the Orthopedic Consultant who really only knows about the bones side of things.

So here I am with this elegant black boot up to the knee, but at least I can remove it to shower and  take it off at night in bed ....  so much more comfortable.
Photo ... This not actually a picture of my legs .... but gee I wish they were  mine  they are obviously about 30 yrs younger than mine ... it is  just a picture to show the very elegant type of boot I have on.

My Grandsons have been my gardian angels for the last couple of days will tell you all about that tomorrow.


Nancy J said...

Now Laurie I will not even mention what usually comes in "sets of three!!!". So glad you have the moon boot instead of a cast, they are so heavy, have to stay on all times, showering is so awkward.Waiting for the photo of "your leg" with the boot on. Take care, I guess everyone up there is giving you such helpful advice, even if it is not necessary, not needed, and even more so. NOT wanted. Fond greetings from Jean.

Ali Honey said...

Oh Bother!. You do make it sound as if it could have been a lot worse. Please take care. Absolutely no can can dancing okay!

Anonymous said...

lol i was just about to say you have such lovely legs laurie,but i am sure you do,lol.What a nasty thing to happen ,hope it heals quickly for you,take care.xx

Jenny said...

Get well soon!!!!

So far, I've been lucky to escape any broken bones myself. Hope I stay that way.