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Sunday, 30 September 2012

DVD instructions Ruskin Lace

Ruskin Lace

    NZ Embroidery Guild has a library of books and DVD"s that you may borrow.... our guild decided to  take out some DVDs and one of them is the above  ... 2 DVDs approx. 4 hours long... a couple of my stitching friends sat with me on Friday evening and we watched one DVD ...after it we felt as though we had done a whole evenings stitching just by watching Elizabeth giving her demonstrations.

I watched the other today  and the instruction DVD is amazingly  good with step by step or you could say stitch by stitch  or thread by thread ... my fingers are now itching to have a go ...
I have done some needle lace before but not this actual style ... so my next project ! may be....

Pincushion by Elizabeth Prickett

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Anonymous said...

it looks very hard to do Laurie.xx