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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Some more flowers and gardens

A bit of a mixture today  .... I am not sure in which gardens all the flowers were taken

What a glorious colour

This garden was  perfection but mostly all fairly newly planted
Just a lovely view of the mountain

Lights in the park they were actually very disappointing this picture was not mine I borrowed it as I wanted to show you  ... all you see is just about all there was.
This garden was so peaceful
The picture does not do this justice at all it was beautiful

Just one of the many Orchids we saw
This was another black and white house  with a white and green garden ... but had a splash of deep red in one or two of the boarders  along with a red table and chairs ... it was in fact stunning.
It is one of the Hen and Chicken,  house and cottages  actually in New Plymouth
in 1800 and what ever  some one built a house on a hill and down below  they built 4 cottages for their 4 sons ready for when they married.... they are now privately owned individually but they come under a trust and they can not be altered on  the outside in anyway.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful gardens Laurie and love the story at the end.xx