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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

More Gardens of Taranaki ....

This farm house was built in a paddock and the pictures do not show it at it's best  but it was such a lovely spot with gentle fields and trees around I found it so calming, the garden was not spectacular  but there was just something about it that appealed to me.
Also they did a lovely afternoon tea.

 The Apple  blossom on the trees was beautiful
Another lovely house that I really loved  
"The Yews"
 the home of Lee and Roland Brumley
 just outside of New Plymouth
the garden was amazing they only have green growth around the front of it  and it was stunning, with a few beds with a dash of white as you look from the house across the  expanse of lawn.
This lovely statue was tucked away in a neat corner 

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Ali Honey said...

You did well to visit so many gardens. I love that house and green lawn and the statue too.
Did you get to visit any in South Taranaki? ( where we used to live. )