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Monday, 5 November 2012

We are back .. we stayed longer.....

Taranaki Garden Festival

Prue and I had the most glorious time ... the weather was just perfection and the country side was just beautiful ... I saw every side of Mt Taranaki and must have driven just about every lane there as well.

Of the 52 gardens we managed 34 yes !! 34 gardens  also we saw  the most beautiful houses old and new .. we actually stayed 2 days extra as we could not bear to miss so many.

The gardens ... well they were stunning I have lots of pictures but have to sort them a bit and will post some in batches ... But I have to show you Perfection Personified ....  This is Mary Dickson's garden in Hawera, I think she said she was 75 yrs young..
Just a normal house on a suburban street the house is just 7 yrs old and the garden was a building plot when she moved in ... believe it or not just a small  town house. Just look what you can do with just a few hundred feet of soil, a lot of hard work and a love of plants.

When we arrived at Mary's house she was actually washing a few stepping stones because the mower had left green marks when she mowed at 7am that morning ... now that is dedication ....

I promise to post more when I come back down to earth.


sunny said...

What a wonderful trip! I can't wait to see more pictures. Perhaps one of the gardners could come to my house for awhile.

Sisbabestitches said...

Oh wow what a colour-full garden. I look forward to seeing your batches of gardeniness Laurie. And nice going on getting to 34 gardens :)

Isabella said...

So glad ou have a good time away with your friend Laurie lovely garden and 75 yrs young wow