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Friday, 7 December 2012

Shoe shopping ...

Yesterday  I went shoe shopping ... with all the pre Christmas sales I thought I may get a bargain.

Now one would be inclined to say 2 or 3 pairs of shoes at once is  a little over the top.

But 6 ... yes ... 6 would be beyond all reason.

They were buy one get one half price and I just could not choose so pushed out the boat said "Oh what the heck "  and said  "okay all of them"

I must add that at the end of last summer I was really strong  and got rid of quite a few pairs of old summer shoes ... most should have been dumped a couple of years before I did. I was only left with 2 pairs of summer shoes 1 of which was very very expensive so not a every day pair .....  So really I have just replaced the ones that went out ...

Well that is my justification for my shoppppppping !!!


Anonymous said...

you have another lovely range now,well done Laurie.xx

Isabella said...

they look like very comfie shoes Laurie so like you said what the heck.