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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Storage for your blog

Has anyone else had the problem of not having enough space on their blog to keep pictures via Piccasa seems I have used my 1GB ...  ????
Is this the only way or is there some other storage I can use....????

Also is there away to print off your blog  not by getting some one else to print it ??? 
 or has anyone put it on a disc ????

I have only been blogging for 5 yrs and do not know about these things as have never tried before.


Anonymous said...

dont know about the other things but i have just paid for more storage,its only $2.19 a month.xx

Fiona said...

A few blogs have put up information ...

I'm sure there is probably other options out there too....


Narelle said...

I've started shrinking my photos and can still post them now.
Chookyblue has a post on her blog about photo storage.

Jenny said...

Hi Laurie

I have not yet had a problem with storage (fingers crossed).
But we have printed off our Romany Rambler blog after our UK trip several years ago. I copied each page onto "Word", made any adjustments if needed and printed it out on our colour printer. At one page at a time, it takes a while. Designed and printed a cover page, then I took the whole thing to Warehouse Stationery and got it spiral bound into a book. The binding was under $10.
Hope this helps, Jenny

boysmum2 said...

You can back up your blog to an external hard drive....and I know you have one of those. Will get Steve to play at Christmas time