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Friday, 21 June 2013

Remember this Birthday Challenge for Embroidery Guild

Well ... I feel so annoyed with myself .. You will never believe the silly mistake I made.

The centre item which is a "scissor keeper" I did not want to attach to the canvas permanently so I pinned it to the reverse side ... meaning to add a stitch to it  which could be removed after the show.

BUT .... bet a lot of you can guess !!!  I forgot to do it and it was judged and was in the final 2 items  the judge had to make a choice and low and behold she had to look so so closely to get that final decision on a winner .... YEAP she found the pin... and that was my chances blown. I could have kicked myself. At least she told me why it did not win .... a very important lesson learnt.

Never mind at least it was almost there.

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marianne said...

Hi Laurie,

so sorry to hear that!!

at least your work was good!!

take care