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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hello again and please don't faint on me.....

Pizazz ...  an in house class we ran at Embroidery Guild  ... will finally be a cushion  
As I said please don't faint on me ... now you are seeing a post from me.
Life has gotten in the way a bit over the last 3 months, looking after grand kids while my daughter had an op, Embroidery courses and exhibitions , Inner Wheel ( Rotary),  a couple of jobs on the house and garden  you know the thing just life in general really. 
 I could wish for 8 more hours in a day and a couple of extra days on the week sometimes... but I guess that would just get full up and we would be back to square one again... so will manage with 7 days and 24 hours.
But I have been stitching a few birthday gifts and a few swap gifts ... my Daughter in Law will get her birthday gift in a couple of weeks  ahh! now her birthday was last March,  so we are a little late but she has seen it in progress ...  better late than never as we say. Here is a glimpse of it is so far ....
Sue Thompson's Ladies ... not far off completion just some arms and legs and a few embellishments.


Life does not stand still here .... I am still tutoring Hydrotherapy Exercises for Arthritis and I have been put forward to may be join the Board of Arthritis NZ ... will hear about this in November. I still try and swim everyday ... hate to walk and run so feel this exercise is just as good.
Inner Wheel ... I was the Editor of the magazine for the central North Island until June this year and now some how I have moved to the position Secretary for the Central North Island District ... as with all groups we are finding the getting officers to stand on the various committees is harder and harder ... lots of people love to join groups and partake in all the activities and programme but that is as far as they go ...
So at 10am on the morning of our District meeting in June  I was happy to continue as Editor and by 11.30am I had been voted in as Secretary ... rather a lot more work on an ongoing basis,  where the Editors job was really  just a twice a year  mad rush. 
But I am happy to take a turn the first year to learn the ropes and the second should go like a breeze ...hopefully.
Looking out from the window the garden is a blaze of colour with all the spring flowers, so here are a few.....

I will post about the courses I have been on and the  retreats etc in due course.
So now I have signed in and you know I am alive and kicking .... it is back to the computer ... or should I say the other programme to get some IW stuff done.

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