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Monday, 28 July 2008

Count Downs

Every one around me or we know seems to be on a count down of some sort...

Our Grandson Ben is on a countdown to start school on 6th September

His Mum and Dad Kathryn and Steve are on the count down to their wedding on September 20th

Eric informed me today it is just 7 weeks before I leave for New Zealand to assist with the last minute prep's for the wedding......A few weeks ago there was talk of me embroidering the Wedding that may be another count down in the 10days after I arrive home that I have to do it in before the great day.

Just a week ago our friends were counting down to their holiday in UK to meet up with the Welsh Grandparents, Tika and Phil plus twins Neisha and Isobel are arriving home soon and Mum and girls will leave again next day for Kathmandu to see their Nepalese grandparents so Phil will be on another countdown for them to return.

There are people leaving Dubai for good I know of 3 couples who are on their count down all taking place in next 2 weeks.

Now Eric keeps telling me we have only 5 months left here guess he is on his countdown.

Seems the thing to do lately COUNT just in case you don't have anything to coundown for are some of mine for you to share.....

It is just 10 days to Iain's birthday

40 days to Ben's birthday

89 days to Uncle Malcolm's

114 days to Kathryn's....Oh by the way in case you need to know...

just over 20 weeks to Christmas
Then on 26th December Boxing Day it is Steve's birthday...
That takes care of 2008 of course I could start on 2009 !!!!!!

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Ali Honey said...

Gosh that's a lot of counting.

Wow those threads in your last post are yummy. Lucky you getting things that cheaply. Stock up big time before you return to NZ.
I will be stopping at Ngongotaha tomorrow on my way to a funeral in Rotorua. Can't drive past Cottage Flair without stopping!