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Saturday, 27 December 2008

Some times life gives you roses!!

If you have followed my blog a few months back I mentioned that Eric and I had decided to part company.
I have great news that we have thought about things and we have decided that we will give things a try again

But sometimes life gives you not such
sweet smelling roses
My husband has always had a yearly check up for Prostate problems
in the form of a simple
blood test.
This years test came back raised and he has now beeen diagnosed with
Prostate Cancer,
it is in the very early stages and is treatable.
So ladies and gents please get your partners,
husbands and boyfriends to go to their GP
and have this simple blood test you could be helping to save their lives.
There is so much in the media about womans cancers
and tests and examinations available
but nothing about MEN
So please pass on the word

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