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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Cats and Stitching

"Chivers "( English Marmalade)

Chivers is my rescue cat and he is approx. 5 yrs old, I have had him since January, he is soft and clean thinks he is human,  very docile, will only drink from the kitchen tap and sleeps on his back with all his manhood showing to the world....everyone who comes in contact loves him because he loves them and needs to be within  a few inches of them....
so what is the problem you should ask?
Well, he has decided to become a kitten, he is acting like one,  he is climbing up shelf units to the top and cupboards, every surface is a game and is chewing up anything he can get hold of just like a puppy,
I have had to clear ornaments and sewing items away ... my pin cushion collection has had to be removed as these are fair game of course.
If there is anything he can knock over he will and he is delibrately aiming for stuff....
My answer at present is to put him outside as he is off the walls and beginning to do damage...
I have made him toys and play with him.
Answers please!!

When I visited Ribbon Rose in Whakatane a couple of months ago
I saw a lovely book by Effie Mitrofanis cost $40

There was only one copy and my friend Beth decided to buy it before I could even think about it.
I decided to look for it on the Internet and there were not any copies available locally... but Amazon had 3 copies all second hand, ranging from $3.50 to $8 ... whee I thought another bargain.....and started to order one but then fell into the trap ...SORRY DO NOT SEND TO NZ ... now I know we live at the base of the world but we are quite responsible and tame.
 we do not still live in mud huts or eat our fellow man... well not anymore that is.
We all have bank accounts and even credit cards.....
Come on Amazon buy a world map and check us out.
So a friend in USA was emailed and yes! she would receive it at her house and post on to me.... thank you Pat I am indebted to you, don't forget anytime you want me to do something for you,  just call.

Meanwhile here is my first trial run at some of Effie's designs.

I like to make my prototypes into something so this one will be a pin cushion, I am in a couple of swap groups and I have to have one by the end of the month ready to go so this will be it.
I just love the colour of this The Dyepot variegated thread, in the skein it looks nothing at all really and quite bland, but what a difference when used in stitching.
RAIN, yes! rain we had a wonderful full day of rain yesterday here in the North Island, you could almost here the farmers sighing with relief, people were out walking in it and I heard no one complain about it, in fact everyone was so pleased to see it....... but the down side is it came with strong gales further down the country although we had high winds last night no real damage.... but Hokitika on Soth Island did and that is where my email friend Miche'le lives... I hope you had little or even no damage Miche'le.
Sun is out again today so short lived rain here in Rotorua.

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Cindy Brown said...

Laurie, is Chivers neutered? Sometimes unneutered male cats can exhibit some strange behaviors. But they are not the only ones!

Your book looks fantastic, and so does your stitching. So pretty! I will have to go to Amazon to take a look.

Cindy Brown