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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Busy getting things together

South Island Trip

I spent the morning collecting the sewing things together, made up the fabric and thread kits plus collecting other UFO's....... some how  I think I have big ideas as far as the stitching is going to go ... may be I will  not get quite so much done as I am  dreaming about.

 On top of this I had various threads used for different projects in a container and I thought while I have the 8 boxes of threads out ... why not file them away .. good idea while it went well,  filed all away,  then while collecting the open boxes to close them ( while sat on the floor)  one slid out of my hands knocked into another and then low and behold .... 150 wound cards of thread were all across the floor.
This not the end of story the cat decided this was a game so while I tried to stand up ( you know how it is knees not as sprightly as they used to be)  to put the cat outside.
 I stepped into another box... so after choice words etc etc !!! ... cat went out the door and I started to collect, sort and refile the threads ... an hour later all was put back together ... and I was thinking why did I decided to file those threads they were quite happy in that container.

So just 2 sleeps to go...


Anonymous said...

so funny Laurie,though you proberly dont think so ,lol.xx

sunny said...

I've been kitting up small hand projects for my vacation too. and I probably have far too many, but i'd be really upset if I was sitting in front of the tv late one night without something to stitch. Hopefully, you'll be having too much fun to stitch.

Ali Honey said...

Gosh I am finding it really difficult to leave a comment here. ( trial and error )

Wishing You a very interesting, relaxing, enjoyable journey around the South.
You will have lots to report on . Hugs Ali.